So hey guys welcome to another article but today this is not a technology related video but its an awareness video and will give information about why to uninstall the chinese apps from your devices.

So guys IndiaVsChina war is going and you must have known that 20 Indian soldiers have given up their lives for us.And china is exporting everything to india and now I will tell why you need to uninstall the apps.

So guys what do the chinese third party apps do is that you may have noticed for that when they ask for allowance of microphone,camera,storages,files,contacts,location etc.

So they take all of your phone data if you click on the allow button and they may hear your voice when you are talking to anyone for example:-I want to go to europe for a 13 days trip so you may have noticed that they will start showing you europe packages at a cheap price and they hear to your voice.The another thing is the camera if you allow for camera then they may see your camera footage any time also.The another thing is the storage access, so if you allow for storage access then they get access to all of your storage data including your videos,photos,documents if you have any document in your phone storage then it may acess to your importants.Then the another actual thing is the contacts of your phone, that is the main thing as all of the contacts list will also may get access to it.The another and the last and the most and most important thing is the location if you allow for location access then you are in a danger for example:- you are going to a restaurant and they also may access that you are in a restaurant and they can also share it to anyone who are dangerous.

Now I will show all the lists of 52 chinese apps given below and some of the apps details:-

Vigo Video
Bigo Live
UC News
UC Browser
Xender:-Yes guys the most famous file transfer app is also chinese and takes all of your data.
ClubFactory:- Yes guys the one of most famous E-commerce app is also chinese and takes your all of the billing data and location.

TikTok:-Yes guys the most popular short videos creating app is also a chinese with more than 1B+Downloads and it also collects your data too.
Zoom:-Yes guys the most trending video conferencing app Zoom is also a chinese app and collects your data and nowadays in india due to COVID-19 schools and some offices are off and doing online classes or conferences on zoom so surely uninstall this app and tell the schools to change the app for classes.
Photo Wonder
APUS Browser
VivaVideo/QU Video
Perfect Corp
CM Browser
Virus Cleaner
Mi Community
DU Recorder
YouCam Makeup
Mi Store
360 Security & 360 Security Lite
DU Battery Saver
DU Browser
DU Cleaner
DU Privacy 
DU Screen Recorder
Clean Master of Cheetah
Cache Clear 
BaiDu Translater
BaiDu Maps
The Wonder Camera
ES File Explorer:- Yes guys one of the most popular file sharing and saving app is also chinese and collects all of your data.
QQ International App
QQ Launcher App
QQ Security
QQ Player
QQ Music Player
Mail QQ
QQ News
We Sync App
The SelfieCity App
Clash OF Kings Game
Mail Master App
Xiaomi Video Calling App
Parallel Space & Parallel Space Lite

So guys I have shown you the 52 or more chinese apps used in india and their harms so as fast as possible I request you all to delete the chinese apps list given above.And chinese government has the rights to do everything in their country so the companies have to give the data to the chinese government.

This is the video where you will get voice details why to delete so this is for a reference for you.

So guys for today this much only we will meet you in the next video till then Vande Mataram!!!!Jai Hind!!!!