So today we have brought you with full beginners guide for being a sucesfull YouTube Creator with some apps that will boost your channel,so let's begin.


The first topic in the beginners guide to be a youtuber comes that you need to upload unique and reliable content on YouTube and edit videos in a good way.Your camera quality does not matter only you should have great video quality and if you think that you don't need any kind of studio for making videos then 100% you will be a sucessful YouTuber.You should upload daily videos on your channel for serious growth and boost on your channel.You will have to be very reliable and if you think that I can't do anything on YouTube then it's a very useful thought for everyone working on YouTube.

2.Customize Your Channel

 1.Before starting to upload videos you should design your channel greatly.First of all you should great channel art for your channel of the size 2560X1440 ratio and upload it on your channel.

2.The second thing you should do is that add your website links or social media links if you want to promote both the ways.

3.The third thing is to write a description in about 1000 words for your about tab of your channel, from that many people read your about tab and if they like then they click on your channel.

4.The next thing is that you should a channel trailer or intro and add any choice of your video or any other channel videos.

5.Create different tabs on the home page of your channel like past live streams, popular upload,uploads,playlists and many more.

3.Creative Thumbnail

The main key thing from where viewers will come on your video is thumbnail and title I will talk about thumbnail just now.So viewers click on the video by seeing a creative thumbnail not views, and if you guys wanna make creative thumbnail on pc and phone then you can make it for free on the app canva for pc and mobile phone.In the starting of your YouTube channel you should click bait title and thumbnail little bit not much attractive click bait thumbnail otherwise YouTube will give you a community guideline strike or your channel may be deleted.But if you do some click-bait in starting of your YouTube channel.

4.Title & Tags

The main key thing is also the title and tags and tags are the most important and tags give us a lot of traffic on our channel if we use great and unique tags on your channel keywords and videos.You should think of a unique title for example "e.g.Technical Guruji commented on my youtube video".
You should use any famous youtube creators name in your title to make it viral and gain more views.
For giving some of the best channel boost to your channel there are many apps and extensions but the three key extension and apps for boosting up our channel legally are as given below:

5.How To Gain More Subscribers?

a.If you want to gain subscribers then you should comment on everyones channel who are big YouTubers and everyone does the key mistake and from that your channel may be got terminated so the key thing is that you should not comment as your channel link suppose "" so you don't have to give any link of your channel and you have to use hashtags of your channel in the comment suppose my main channel hashtag "#jaypatelindia" and you should not use any links.

b.The second key thing small content creators do is that they comment on every big youtuber channel that subscribe me I will give you 1000 subscribers in big youtubers channel suppose we take technical guruji he gets almost 10,000 comments in 2-3 hours but from that only 1000 comments are the unique one that's why big youtubers can't read every comments.So if you do more like this then your channel may get terminated as per the new youtube policies.

c.The third key thing small content creators do is that they share their videos into that group or social media where there is no one interested in your category videos, if you want views you will get but you will not get any watch time and watch time is the hardest to achieve you can even get 1000 subscribers by sub4sub and many other sharing apps but watch time?????You can't so for that you need to watch the full article for how to gain watch time on YouTube.

6.How To Gain Watch Time?

So for gaining watch time there are tough things to do but if you think you can be sucessful on YouTube or any other platform except youtube then you can gain watch time very quickly on youtube.

a.So the first thing in how to gain watch time is the best way that see your videos from different devices by searching suppose "full beginners guide for being a sucessful youtuber and beginners in 2020 tech talks today"  then it will rank first and see whole video 5 to 10 times by searching again and again with your title of video and ending channel name.From this the video of yours comes up in the seo ranking from down to up, so from this you can gain many new viewers and watch time on your channel.

b.The next thing in gaining watch time on your videos is that share it to viewers who are mostly seeing videos related to your category if you will share videos to people who are not interested in your category then they will click in helplessness and go back in 3 to 4 seconds as they do not know the YouTube policies and rules.So you have to only share to those people who see videos of your category and you may share it on different social media platforms.

c.The next key thing to gain watch time is that attract your viewers to see your video minimum for 1 minute or more so that YouTube will not count your viewers as spam and you will gain plenty watch time from this tip also.

d.The next key thing to gain watch time is that you have to attract your viewers to see the video and for that you have to make a nice video and click bait and show a great and unique 6 to 7 seconds clip of your video in the starting and then start your video so from that your viewers will wait for that clip of your video and you have to do some amazing in the ending of your video but show 6 to 7 seconds clip of that video in starting.

7.Add End Screens & Cards 

You will say that what are the benefits of adding end screens and cards in our video, so adding end screens is the most used way to gain views on our videos and promote our own link our brand on it and promote other channel also and you should also make an end screen template or you may take any ready to use end screen YouTube template from Google or YouTube.

Cards also do the same way as end screens but flashes on the upper case of your video and you can promote you another channel or else your brand if your channel is monetised and there is an image example of cards as shown below:

8.Promote Your Brand And Videos

If you are shocked seeing that you can promote your brand,website or any other affiliate link on YouTube then you heard it right.You can promote it on YouTube through end screens and cards if your channel is monetized but if you want to promote without that then you can promote the links through description as much links as you can, comments section, channel links, and many more.

So guys I gave you as much knowledge as I have learnt from YouTube and growed my channel from 0 to 700 subscribers in 9 months and I definitely tell you that if you use all the tips I gave above and if you are a new reader then please subscribe our newsletter to get daily content delivered at your email ids.

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