Corona Virus is not taking name to be stooped and in this situation there is lockdown all over India and curfews in some of the cities of India.And everyone are at their homes and some people are doing their online office work and some are still thinking what to do sitting at home.

So in this situation I have brought you with top 5 online platforms to earn money from Work from home if you read the whole blog.So read the whole blog for a brief information about what to do in homes and earn money.


Blogging is the most famous way of earning money and creating a websit.And there are many apps & websites to create a website of our own but in this case the best sites for making our own website in free or paid is :

From blogger you can create a blog and blogger gives you to make a website free of cost and if you want a low budget website to be made then blogger is the best platform.If you want your own .com
domain then only you have to spend money otherwise everything is free on blogger all the templates,features etc.

So you can create a website from blogger and you need 25 Articles to be posted to be Qualify for AdSense and then they approve you or you may add third party adds to your website by enrolling to big third party sites like Blue Host, SEMrush etc.

b)Word Press

If you can afford more budget then wordpress is the best for you it has many features in it and it is the most famous website creating platform.If you cannot afford money for wordpress then first create a site on blogger and post as much articles you can add third party and earn money and come on wordpress for making site.As the lockdown would extend till almost july-august.So you can create a website on these both platforms.


You can start a youtube channel if you don't want any kind of tension and you should have the talent of which you can start a YouTube channel and you have to post regular videos.You should check how other YouTubers are struggling for views & subscribers and Youtube has made the rules very strict.

And remember a thing that if you are creating videos on COVID-19 by hoping that I will get more money if i get more views,as YouTube is not monetizing channels/videos who creates COVID-19 content,only some of the YouTube channels are being monetized related to the content of CORONA VIRUS.

So If you have some knowledge also on any category then you can start a YouTube channel

3)Affiliate Marketing

The next platform comes that you can do affiliate marketing by selling other products big affiliate marketers do on for e.g.Amazon, Flipkart , Ebay etc. Affiliate programs and they give 5-10 % commission on a product anyone buys with your link.

You can also get different banner ads of affiliate programs for your website for free and if anyone buy from clicking on that banner ads then also you can earn money.I prefer you to take Amazon affiliate or Flipkart Affiliate most wantedly Flipkart.

You can promote these products by taking their links and promoting on your website,youtube channel,social media like Instagram , Facebook , Twitter , Telegram etc.And most of people give access to telegram groups of more than 10,000 + members if you buy any course of affiliate marketing.

4)Promoting/Selling Your E-Books

The next platform comes that you can promote/sell your e-books if you have any.Or you can write a knowledgable and famous topic of book then you can gain more viewers and buyers.You can add your E-books on Amazon Kindle and many more other E-book selling platforms.

You can promote your E-books on your YouTube channel About Tab,Video Description,Video end screen,Video Cards, Store tab of your Youtube channel if you have added any,In your video comments tab , your website , social media e.g.twitter,facebook,instagram,telegram,linkedin etc.

5)Online Courses/Teaching

The next you can do is do online teaching on zoom,microsoft teams etc.then you can upload videos and make courses on e.g.Udemy online teaching also you can share the link of your courses everywhere and promote it on your youtube end screen videos,youtube card video,youtube about tab,youtube video description,youtube video comments,your website , social media e.g.instagram,facebook,twitter,telegram,discord and many other communication platforms.

So Friends I gave you a brief blog post about top 5 online platforms to earn money sitting at home and many more things.I taught you the best I can so we will meet you in the next blog till then
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